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At GreenPath CPA Solutions, we are the premier tax advisory and tax planning company in northeastern Ohio, serving clients throughout the region and across the country.

We specialize in working with high-income business owners to help secure and strengthen their financial future.

  • tax planning strategies for you
  • reduce taxes
  • create & grow your wealth
  • tax experts to help you save
  • tax bills will plummet
  • your savings and future will grow
  • tax planning is what we do best
  • you've worked hard for your business

Say goodbye to overpaying on taxes and hello to increased profits with our proprietary and tech-driven strategic tax planning process.

What We Do
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Strategic Tax Management

The process of looking at a person's life, business, and regulatory requirements to legally reduce taxes as much as possible. Keep more cash and grow your life, business, and dreams.

(and year-round management)

Regular Tax Preparation

The process of reviewing the years financial results and preparing tax returns to satisfy IRS requirements. Strictly compliance based.


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There's no downside, only the chance to learn more about strengthening your cash position to secure your financial future.


Top two features of strategic tax planning with GreenPath

#1 - Save thousands of dollars in cash

Don't lose track of this - this represents real money BACK TO YOU. The savings we create together results in cash you keep in your bank account.

Use the significant savings to invest in yourself or your family, bless others, multiply/grow your business, or whatever you want! Isn't that better than giving extra to the IRS?!

#2 - Expert partners at your disposal

The partners at GreenPath are truly that - your partners. They have the same incentives as you and delight in sharing their tax code expertise with you and your business.

Getting Started

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This is the first time you'll see your significant savings - we can't wait to share the results with you!

Keep More Cash For Your Business

Stop Supporting Waste & Abuse by the IRS

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